Triumphant Return is now released at Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

More info http://www.xpanderland.com/mindXpander/Triumphant_Return.html.


Triumphant Return Out Now!

mindXpander performed a fantastic live gig at the Norberg Festival in the summer of 2009. It was the first Space Synth concert in the Nordic countries, but definitely not the last.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and saw us performing at The Breakfast Club at Bonden Bar. We loved every second of it and hope to see you all again – soon!

“Connection Reset By Peer (Live @ Bonden Bar)”

Live gig track list:

  1. 1.Angelic Sunrise/Departure Gate

  2. 2.Sea of Stars

  3. 3.Galaxy Surfer

  4. 4.Mystery Plant

  5. 5.Enter Enter

  6. 6.Connection Reset By Peer

Video shot by Zoria.

Photos and retouch by the extremely talented Christel Eldrim, www.estethia.se

mindXpander Live at the Breakfast Club